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Online skincare certificates

Train from home.

Want to become a skin care professional? Take a refresher course? Or, take your existing skills to the next level?

Ms. Diana, one of Toronto's most well-known aesthetician instructors, provides live, online courses to all levels.

Vocational & Non-vocational

Ms. Diana teaches courses approved as a vocational program under the Private Career College Act, 2005. These programs provide participants the knowledge, techniques and skills needed to achieve the professionalism necessary to enter the beauty industry. You will learn basic, fundamental, and advanced skills to enter the beauty industry.

Already received a diploma in skin care or aesthetics? Ms. Diana's advanced courses help you develop confidence and learn new techniques that will help take you to your next level.


Vocational courses:
Completed courses result in a printed, vocational certificate, digital and delivered to your home or business.

Non-vocational courses:
Completed courses result in a printed, non-vocational certificate, digital and delivered to your home or business.

All courses are offered online only. Course fees include course materials and live instruction with Ms. Diana. All course start times are 6pm EST.

Ultrasonic Facelift & Microdermabrasion (advanced)

Our most popular course covers 2 major topics. Covered topics: Background & Introduction, Setting up the client bed, Working the ultrasonic facelift and microdermabrasion equipment, Removing makeup, Skin cleansing, and mask.

Theory & demonstration. Requires basic training in skin aesthetics and skin care.

5 hours over 2 days

Non-vocational. CAD $549

Aromatherapy: Acne and Anti-aging (all students)

For experienced practitioners. Covered topics include: Introduction to aromatherapy, Education of essential oils and vegetable extracts as applied to anti-aging and acne treatments. Theory & demonstration.

6 hours over 2 days

Non-vocational. CAD $649

Advanced Skin Condition Analysis & Treatment (certificate)

For all practitioners. Covered topics: Assessing skin type and skin conditions, Treatment selection for varied skin problems, Ongoing treatment regimen, Treatment planning, and Correct home-care regime. Theory only.

5 hours over 2 days

CAD $549

Skin Care Fundamentals (vocational)

Deep dive on the fundamentals of skin care to build a solid foundation for advanced practice. Covered topics: Skin analysis, Cleansing, Complete facial, Exfoliation, Steaming, Extraction, High-frequency, Massage, Mask, Eye cream selection and application, Face cream selection and application. Theory & demonstration.

6 hours over 2 days

Vocational. CAD $649

Body Massage (vocational)

Learn the fundamental techniques of how to perform body massage and how to select which technique to employ. This course covers all the material necessary to perform massage therapy services.

9 hours over 3 days

Vocational. CAD $949

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